Customers want to takeout your food. Make it easy.

Increase customer retention,
boost volume in rush hours,
improve margins.

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Allow customers to access your menu in 1 scan

You have traffic in front of your door you wish you can convert into customers?

Well, now people can pull their mobile, snap your QR code and get your menu in their pocket in a blink of an eye.

Your customers order from their office

Do you have clients who don't want to waste time during their lunch break?

Because your customers have a busy day, every minute counts.
By allowing your customers to order from their mobile phone, you save them precious time and position yourself advantageously compared to other restaurants that do not offer this option.

Handle more volume during rush hours

You miss some sales because of waiting time?

Because your customers can order ahead from their mobile, stress at the counter is reduced. Therefore you can serve more customers during rush hours.

...And since your customers don't need to wait anymore to pickup their food, their satisfaction increase!

No revenue % commission = Margin preserved

You'd rather not give 20-30% commission to a platform?

Not only we don't take a percentage of your revenues, we also have no monthly subscription, no setup fee and no cancellation fee.

Our model is based on a «per order» transaction flat fee.
($0.35-$0.80 / per order depending on volume)

3 simple steps to be online within 24h

You fill the form

You let us know about your restaurant by filling the form.

We setup your menu

We get in touch, we create your account and configure your menu.

You are online

You login to Sunch dashboard and you are ready to receive orders 🎉.

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